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Our modern technology of spray dried produced molasses yeast in powder from liquid to use in mixing animals feed.
Spray Dried Molasses powder is derived from sugar-cane as a byproduct of the sugar industry after crystallization obtained crystal sugar. This product can be a source of quick energy and the ability to stimulate the appetite of cattle. Much of the energy supplies for the development of cattle and poultry, especially broiler and layer, dairy animal in the winter.
This product is used to replace with the sweetener derided from chemicals.
- This is a wonderful raw material with high energy and minerals fix with all of animals.
-The effectives important of molasses as are binder and the ability to vacuum in feeds (with some kinds of food is milled) to increase the appetite for livestock feed. 
-Molasses makes more delicious as well as increased energy in feed for livestock. 
- It has a natural sweetness are replaced using sweetener.
- Stable source of raw materials, natural, low cost, economical, suitable to be used in the formula, feed for livestock, poultry and aquaculture.
-Easy to mix more than the liquid form when it get limited in the mixing ratio.

molasses pellet factory in Vietnamspray dried molasses powder factory in Vietnam


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    mr Hai
    Pls contact directly with us by mobi/whatsapp number" +84985774029
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    Gary Boyett, MS PAS
    Interested in spray dried cane molasses powder product. Nutrient specifications and current MSDS sheet for review. Packaging sizes and is there a source in the USA? Gary Boyett, MS PAS Consulting Animal Nutritionist Prime Line Nutrition P.O. Box 125 Kenton, TN. 38233 USA 731-571-0669

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