MICH International Development Joint Stock Company (MICH.,JSC) is a company specializing in the fields: Aqua feed, Animal feed, Raw materials such as spray dried molasses powder, molasses pellet, tapioca starch, tapioca residue pellet, coconut meal, tapioca residue powder...ect...In fact, we are cooperating with many coutries in the world: France, Poturgal, Russia, England, Italia, South Korea, Japan, Bangladesh, Bulgaria...ect...

Spray dried molasses powder is the safe feed for animal as Dairy Cow, Sheep, Goat, Horse, Pig..ect.. we can mix this product in animal feed and feed mill. 

PRODUCTION PROCESS OF SPRAY DRIED MOLASSES POWDER: Molasses liquid had collected from sugar factories ----> Molasses liquid ----> Molasses mixture (withSugarcane bagasse/taopioca residue)  -----> Spraying and Drying (By boiler system) ----> Grinding ----> Physical treatment----> Molasses powder


- This is a wonderful raw material with high energy and minerals fix with all of animals.

-The effectives important of molasses as are binder and the ability to vacuum in feeds (with some kinds of food is milled) to increase the appetite for livestock feed.

-Molasses makes more delicious as well as increased energy in feed for livestock.

- It has a natural sweetnessare replaced using sweetener.

-Stable source of raw materials, natural, low cost, economical, suitable to be used in the formula, feed for livestock, poultry and aquaculture.

-Easy to mix more than the liquid form when it get limited in the mixing ratio.

Several Pictures for Export below:

spray dried molasses powder factory in Vietnamspray dried molasses powder factory in Vietnamspray dried molasses powder factory in Vietnamspray dried molasses powder factory in Vietnamspray dried molasses powder factory in Vietnamspray dried molasses powder factory in Vietnam




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    Krishnakumar Ranganathan
    Please furnish your lowest quote for Spray Dried Molases...
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    Joseph, Hong
    We are interested in your spray dried molasses powder for animal feed use in Korean market. So, we duly want to have your contact from your export manager for this products to Korean market as an animal feed use here. And we want to know your specification, suppliability, prie idea, type of the product, packing, weight per a container, stuffing method etc for our deal in near future. Deu to this reason, we want to have your contact through email , together with your contact details for export manager. Waiting for your contact soon after reading this mail. Joseph
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    Please quote to me for spray dried molasses powder Thanks!

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