MICH, precursor is a company that mainly imports and trades in foods field, construction machines and equipment. In 2016, MICH intensively invest in the development of raw material areas in some key provinces of Vietnam, cooperate commercial monopoly exportation with many prestigious factories manufacturing Aqua feed, Poultry feed, animal feed, agricultural products

MICH headquartered at: Lot 62A, Dai Kim New Urban Area, Dinh Cong Ward, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi.


MICH is a leading company specializing in the fields: import and export of goods; trading for the products and services as follows:

Export: Aqua feed, poultry feed, animal feed, raw materials, agricultural products. There are also wood powder, coconut shells powder and other products.

Import: Construction machines and equipment, industrial machines such as Forklift, Excavator, Crane, Roller, Cutting machine, etc ...;

Besides, MICH also participates in consultancy and implementation of ODA programs and projects about agricultural and rural economic development and adapting diverse customer’s needs.

MICH own a team of young and dynamic staffs who have studied and worked in the country and international work environment, so they got a lot of experiences in managing, deploying and implementing the jobs by the fastest and most effective way. With the slogan "Selling confidence to buy customer’s satisfaction", we reckon it as basic principle for company’s sustainable development. MICH commits to bring up to our customers the best products, services with the reasonably cheap prices that MICH temporarily provides on the market.


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