In the period of developing economy, especially, nowadays, the foreign trade fastly develops; the demand for import and export of goods is increasing as well. On the other hands, the cumbersome customs procedures cause many obstacles for Enterprises or Enterprises do not have ex-import department being in charge of cargo procedures. Therefore, many companies choose a safe and effective solution is to hire another professional company by which they can smoothly import or export cargo - authorized import and export. With MICH International Development Joint Stock Company (MICH), you will get the maximum support in each stage or all-in authorized export-import package at competitive cost and price.

We possess diversified business function to help our clients with transparent financial reports (full ex-import documents and invoices) at reasonable prices for customer’s business development.

With authorized import and export services, we hereby, on behalf of customer perform the following tasks:


• Looking for partners, qualified, trust-worthy suppliers from overseas markets to customers (if required).

• On behalf of customers signing a foreign trade contract

• Prepare all related documents

• Realise procedures related to ex-import shipment (C/O, certificate of fumigation, quality inspection ...)

• Complete procedures relevant to international payment

• Prepare necessary steps to transport the goods and deliver to Vietnam

• Customs clean services, tax return services with relevant Authorities

• Quick and easy customs clearance

• Issue invoices in accordance with the law


Immediately contact MICH to get the best Entrusted import and export services with the most competitive price!





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